Anti-Racism protest

Dear comrades,
For weeks now, the news has been dominated by virus wackos, fascists like Willem Engel and politicians who can carry out their racist and oppressive policies with impunity.

While the Netherlands is sinking further and further into crisis and even our most basic forms of freedom are in ever more danger, we are told we can have an influence in the way the country is run through election. Meanwhile, meaningless marches are held and empty promises are made. Nothing ever changes.

That is why we call on everyone to join our anarchist bloc on March 21 during the anti-racism demonstration.*

Because it is time to raise a voice against politicians who pay lip service to anti-racism in order to win votes. Because we can no longer accept this imperialist and racist system’s denial of the humanity of refugees, PoC and anyone who does not conform to the norm. Because we can only abolish racism if we abolish all forms of oppression.

Real change comes from the bottom up! Real change can only be won!

Come to the Westerpark on March 21 at 1pm and join us!

Vrije Bond Amsterdam

PS. Be safe. Keep your distance, bring a mouth mask and stay home if you have complaints.

* Travel is difficult and dangerous for many at this time. Please consider whether the risk for you and others is not too great to come to Amsterdam. Try to find a manifestation nearby or start one yourself.

There will also be a manifestation in Maastricht at 14:00 at the Vrijthof