Principles of the Free Association, adopted in a general assembly meeting on March 7, 2010.

1) The Free Association works towards an anarchist society in which one chooses how to live his or her own life.

2) The Free Association is an organization of anarchist individuals and groups, based on:

the equality of all people;
the autonomy of the individual;
self-government and self-management, free association and federalism;
a healthy and liveable environment;
the abolishment of all forms of authority: including but not limited to economic, political, social, religious, cultural or sexual.
the advancement of a free society, without classes, states, or borders; based on anarchist methods and mutual aid.

3) The construction of a free society will in no way be the work of the Free Association alone. We want to expand the anarchist movement, make our ideas known and realize them. Direct action, in theory and practice, is the most important method used by the Free Association.

4) Since oppression, capitalism and exploitation are global phenomena, our struggle is an international struggle. The Free Association rejects any form of nationalism and proposes a federalist organization of society. In addition to uniting anarchist groups and individuals in our direct surroundings, the Free Association also maintains relationships with anarchists and anarchist federations worldwide.

5) The society that the Free Association strives for will be a diverse society. Inherent to this is diversity in anarchist inspired ideas and strategies from member groups and individuals.

6) The Free Association does not offer a blueprint on how the future society should exactly be. It will become clear only through practice. What the Free Association offers is an organizational structure where all kinds of people can work together in their struggle and where, in solidarity, they can discuss and learn from each other in an anarchist way.

7) The Free Association initiates many, and supports all, activities that will lead to the realization of its principles.