Report: Unannounced Mayday Demo

On Saturday the 1st of May, a small but determined demonstration made its way through the centre of The Hague. Around 30 people participated in the unannounced anarchist 1st of May demonstration with the slogan “we don’t want to be destroyed by capitalism, so capitalism will have to be destroyed by us”.

The demonstration started in the popular neighbourhood Kortenbos in the middle of the city. This part of the city, with its small streets, parks and social housing served well as the starting point for the demo. While slogans were being shouted and flyers handed out to people passing by or watching from their houses, the group of anarchists made their way through the streets.

Arriving at the Torenstraat the demo took on a more militant character. Flares were lit, flyers scattered and ATM screens were left shattered. The demonstration continued towards the police station on the Jan Hendrikstraat. It was here that the first cop car made a miserable attempt to stop the demo. A cop on a motorbike also stretched his arm and made a stop sign. This literal long arm of the law was greeted with middle fingers from behind the front banner, while the demo flowed through the blocked traffic like water. The lost police car tried staying infront of the demonstration whilst driving in reverse, something that quickly ended due to the held up cars on the road.

The demo managed to re-gather at the Boekhorststraat and continued. The cops tried to put pressure by pushing into the back of the demo with two police cars. Despite having the police cars trying to drive into the demo, people remained in the street. The demo continued until an over-ambitious cop decided to try and stop the demonstration on her own. Out of nowhere she jumped infront of the banner and, in a panic, started hitting it with her truncheon. At this moment pink smoke bombs were let off and the demonstration dispersed into the side streets of the Boekhorststraat. Leaving the police wondering where this unexpected Mayday demonstration had come from.

Until next time!

From the flyer that was handed out:

“With society now adapting to Covid-19 and its effects, we can see the bosses and the rich are once again trying to exit the crisis with their pockets lined: refusing to raise wages, cutting workers benefits and extra pay, firing people where they can and hogging the state-support for themselves. Once again it will be us who are made to pay for the devastation that capitalism sows. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen and bring the fight to the bosses. Let’s turn the tide and take back our lives from the state. Let’s make capitalism fall when it stumbles, let’s start now!

We don’t want to be destroyed by capitalism, so capitalism will have to be destroyed by us!

In the workplace, in the streets, everywhere:

Organize yourself!”

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