Demo: Justice for Sammy Baker

One year later…

On friday 13th of august 2021 at 7.30 pm, a demonstration march will take place from the starting point of Dam square in Amsterdam. We want to draw attention to the police violence in the Netherlands, but also to the injustice that has unfortunately happened to Sammy. The demonstration is expected to end in the Vondelpark with music. There will also be press present.

sammy baker


Samuel Baker was shot dead by the police while they found him in a helpless condition. The police was informed about Sammy’s disappearance through a report of the fact that he’d gone missing, but the police didn’t think it was necessary to allow for medical assistence or for his friends or mother to come. Instead, two cops from Police Amsterdam New-West chose the path of brutal violence. They shot Sammy dead, the only son of his parents. Sammy was only 23 years old. There would have been so many other ways out, but the Amsterdam police ended Sammy’s life with an unimaginable harshness.

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Although the state’s attorney, Anne Marie Ruijs, has decided on 17.05.2021 to not convict the two murderers of Sammy, in despite of many contradictions and irregularities, Sammy’s family continues to fight for the truth to be known. To draw attention to the disproportionate violence that was used to put an end to a human life, Sammy’s parents are thankful for all local supporters.

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