The struggles of Zapatista women: a revolution within the revolution

In May 2021, a Zapatista delegation set off on a ship called ‘La Montaña’ across the Atlantic to “invade” Europe, in a symbolic protest against capitalist oppression and colonization. The objective of this Zapatista ‘Journey for Life’ is to have “meetings, dialogues, exchanges of ideas and experiences with all of those who are committed, from […]

Anarcha Feminsts Paint Graffiti in solidarity with Spanish Feminists facing hefty court fines

A couple of nights ago some anarcha feminists painted: “vivas nos queremos” ( we want us alive) around Amsterdam in solidarity with Spanish Feminists. Read more about their situation here. The comrades in Catalunya accused of having made several feminist graffitis face a fine of 20.000 euro each for the alleged crime of damaging city property. […]

12th June the streets were ours!

A week after the demonstration, we are still recovering from the successful demonstration at Mercatorplein. It was great to see the pink, red, green, purple and blue blocks all together. It was even better to see and hear so many passionate anarchists raise their voices in the streets of Amsterdam, and that we got a […]

Demonstration: Abolish Frontex!

On the 9th of June at 14.00 we will come together, raise our voices and demand the abolishment of Frontex during a demonstration at Het Huis van Europa (Korte Vijverberg 5) in The Hague. Frontex is the European Union’s border agency and is a key actor in enforcing the EU’s border regime. It is responsible […]

POSTPONED – Demonstration: Corona is the virus. Capitalism is the crisis

The coronapandemic has once again shown the true priorities of our society. Instead of emphasizing the wellbeing of humankind, our lawmakers have focused on saving the almighty ‘economy’, resulting in thousands of unneccessary deaths and the continuousendangerment of public health. The government led by Mark Rutte is stuck in an endless loop of closing and […]

Programme Pinksterlanddagen

This year the PL will happen! Even though it’s sadly not possible in the normal way (a weekend full of awesome workshops, discussions, vegan food, childerens program and camping in Appelscha) we will organize it online on Saturday the 23rd of may! Write the date down 🙂 and put your laptop on. Of course an […]

Report: Unannounced Mayday Demo

On Saturday the 1st of May, a small but determined demonstration made its way through the centre of The Hague. Around 30 people participated in the unannounced anarchist 1st of May demonstration with the slogan “we don’t want to be destroyed by capitalism, so capitalism will have to be destroyed by us”. The demonstration started […]