Programme Pinksterlanddagen

This year the PL will happen! Even though it’s sadly not possible in the normal way (a weekend full of awesome workshops, discussions, vegan food, childerens program and camping in Appelscha) we will organize it online on Saturday the 23rd of may! Write the date down 🙂 and put your laptop on.

Of course an online PL is not the same as one on the anarchist camping site in Appelscha but we want to create a great program. The content and how to follow the online program and participate will be announced soon, so keep an eye out on our website/facebook/indymedia.

Are you missing the camping site? You can still camp there throughout the year and recently the guesthouse has been renovated. If you have questions you can reach the camping at the contact form on the website.

PL Online

What is the Pinksterlanddagen?

An anarchist festival that happens every year at the campingsite ‘tot vrijheidsbezinning’ in Appelscha during Pentecost weekend. It’s an event for anarchists and everyone that is inspired by anarchism.

Join organising?

Do you have a cool suggestion, do you want to help everything go smoothly? Send us an