POSTPONED – Demonstration: Corona is the virus. Capitalism is the crisis

The coronapandemic has once again shown the true priorities of our society. Instead of emphasizing the wellbeing of humankind, our lawmakers have focused on saving the almighty ‘economy’, resulting in thousands of unneccessary deaths and the continuousendangerment of public health. The government led by Mark Rutte is stuck in an endless loop of closing and reopening shops and bars whenever there’s a small change in the degrees of contamination, making the pandemic last longer than it has to be.

When the government does act in a decisive manner, it devolves into harsh repression, increasing the violations of our rights by the State. Meanwhile many people are losing their jobs and don’t have enough money to cover their rents. At the same time the rich don’t have to worry about a thing, since they can spend all their time in their luxurious villas and large estates.

The only real solution to this crisis is radical solidarity, while we continue to fight capitalism and the State!


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