Counter-action against transphobic adverts

Maybe you have spotted them: adverts in bus- and tram stops for Gendertwijfel, a transphobic organisation that wants to overthrow the new law that should make it easier for transgender people to change their gender with the government. To prevent people from seeing such transphobic propaganda, the website Gendertwijfels was launched. Deliberately with a very […]

Blockade of corona epicentre Vion

On Tuesday, March 30, we blocked the entrance to Vion in Boxtel and stopped animals going to slaughter. The action lasted less than two hours and was ended by the mayor. Four activists were arrested as they did not follow orders to remove themselves. The reason for the blockade was a recent corona outbreak at […]

Anti-Racism protest

Dear comrades, For weeks now, the news has been dominated by virus wackos, fascists like Willem Engel and politicians who can carry out their racist and oppressive policies with impunity. While the Netherlands is sinking further and further into crisis and even our most basic forms of freedom are in ever more danger, we are […]

POSTPONED! Anarchist Book Fair Amsterdam 2021, spring edition

We are happy to announce that there will be an Anarchist Book Fair Amsterdam in the spring of 2021. The location will be announced later. But it will be in Amsterdam and it definitely will be anarchist! Even though the past year has stood in the shadow of a global pandemic and other horrifying developments, […]

About the Free Association

The Free Association (Vrije Bond) is a group of people who are trying to build a different society: a society without hierarchies, without oppression and without exploitation of humans, animals and the environment; an anarchist society in which we deal with each other on a basis of equality. The members of the Free Association are […]